Working on Several Bodies of Artwork

Many times people ask me how I can work in multiple bodies of work at the same time.  I find that working in this way feeds my creativity and idea generation.  Certainly, during art school days, professors pushed me as a student to make one solid body of work - and there is validity to that philosophy when you're a young art student.  But, I find, after being a professional artist for more than 20 years, it is imperative to work on many things at once.  You might say, "Yeah, but 2D and 3D at the same time?"  I found, after going to grad school for sculpture, that I had a better understanding for the 3-dimensional and was better able to represent it in 2-d media. 

I look at working this way similar to how a painter might have several paintings going at once.  If I get stuck or need for my ideas to gel a bit more on one piece,  I can take a break and work on another body of work for a while. 

Inevitably, there is cross-over from one body to another in the forms of media use, techniques, ideas and imagery.  It's a fun way to work!