Saying Goodbye to a Sketchbook

It's always so hard to put an old sketchbook down when it's just recently been filled up.  It's like saying goodbye to a friend you've just spent 2-3 years with.  A friend who's patient and kind, but not a pushover.  One who poses her own challenges and questions.  One who keeps you in check when you're an ass, but in a gentle, yet firm way.  She's someone you like to have around when things are difficult.  She doesn't have simple, easy answers - helps you think things through - tells you when an idea is crap, only not in so many words.  Doesn't have to, 'cause it's right there on paper.  Conversely, she holds the good ideas and thoughts like a precious gift.  Sometimes those thoughts cannot be contained and come to life in the form of a work of art.